Security Shield virus. Removal video now at YouTube

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We will not tell something new when we report about Security Shield malware infection that strikes today many computers around the globe. The point is that this malicious application has been known for ages. Without exaggeration, it has been known since 2010. Nevertheless, it keeps reappearing as times go by, infecting new computers all over the world. Understanding this fact very well we believe it is our duty to create clear malware removal instructions for you to understand the basic principles on removal of this specific malware.

Security Shield
Security Shield

There are several ways how Security Shield rogue can be overcome by you. The hoax, as you probably know, block all your attempts to remove it. You can’t easily run the security software of your preference. The rogue will tell you that the file you’re going to execute or download is infected. Of course, this is not exactly so. However, such false alarms will follow one after another, attempting to scare you more and more.

Virus removal video

The video guide that we’ve developed just recently shows successful removal of Security Shield malware with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. We rebooted our machine into safe mode with networking, and so this allowed us to bypass the blockage on the part of the rogue. So, we easily downloaded Trojan Killer, updated and ran it, having removed all infections it detected. Upon the system reboot the virus was gone. However, if you have any problems removing this scareware as described in the video guide, you might need to try another solution as explained here. Good luck to you, anyway.

Security Shield 2012 automatic remover:

Security Shield manual removal guide:

Delete Security Shield files:
%CommonAppData%\[random numbers].exe
Delete Security Shield registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random numbers]”

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