Cum să pună capăt 6DSS92c31Apgjk.exe-procesul principal de recuperare de date virus

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6DSS92c31Apgjk.exe is the essential component of Recuperare de date virus of which we have told you in several of our previous posts recently. Cu toate acestea, if you computer has some way or another been contaminated with Data Recovery malware it is not so easy to terminate the above-mentioned process. The point is that the aforesaid virus blocks Task Manager, thus making it totally impossible to terminate the virus processes actively running inside of the compromised system. What shall we do then in order to have this serious malware removed?

Some users are in search for the activation code of Data Recovery scam program, thinking that if they insert it into the respective field they would be able to get rid of this rogue once and for all. But this is not the correct solution of the program. The point is that the problem would remain, şi, some way or another, this virus would eventually resurrect itself in the inner world of your PC. În plus, other problems caused by DataRecovery fake HDD would also prevail, such as empty desktop, missing icons, fişiere, folders and programs in the Start menu. The only right solution to fix the above mentioned problem is to run full system cleanup with the help of the decent anti-virus scanner. We recommend you to download, install and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer as a powerful solution against most serious viruses and cyber threats. This program can easily terminate 6DSS92c31Apgjk.exe and other processes of Data Recovery trojan infection. Additionally it is highly recommended to scan your system with Kaspersky TDSS Killer application. În cele din urmă, you need to restore your system back to the previous condition, making the files and folders, icons and desktop visible again. Below please find the detailed information on how to do it.

3 steps of the ladder for successful removal of Data Recovery virus:

Pas # 1. Run powerful anti-virus software or malware cleaner:

Pas # 2. Download and run Kaspersky TDSS Killer

Download link:

Pas # 3. Run additional free programs to restore your file system:

GridinSoft Unhider link de download:

GridinSoft pauză link de download:

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  1. Mldito bicho Mil gracias por la ayuda!!!
    Pude usar un programa antispyware que facilito todo.
    por cierto el restore.exe ha caido

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