Antivirus Clean 2011 ; Rogue. How to uninstall Antivirus Clean 2011 fake anti-spyware tool

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We have been able to identify the new virus that bears the mask of certain decent antivirus. Numele său este Antivirus Clean 2011. Cu toate acestea, Antivirus Clean 2011 has nothing to do with cleaning your PC from viruses. Din contră, it is the malicious tool that is just the next garbage that should be disposed of immediately.

Antivirus Clean 2011 rogue
Antivirus Clean 2011 Rogue

Antivirus Clean 2011 is an evil application that does not take into consideration any of your privacy or security restrictions. It does all it can in order to achieve its final fraudulent goals. Antivirus Clean 2011 is a fictitious anti-virus tool that tries to create the impression of some legitimate program that supposedly tries to aid you in keeping your system free from viruses. It generally uses backdoor approaches for distributing in the world wide web infecting many computers. All of its promoting activities almost entirely ground themselves on application of malicious scan web pages that very often have the ‘’ extension. You may occasionally click one of those scam sites during your Internet surfing, often upon you clicking some advertisement linking to the malicious script of which we told you. Having detected its path into your PC, Antivirus Clean 2011 commences proclaiming itself as the unregistered (trial) version that keeps on identifying plenty of unwanted and potentially malicious applications on your workstation. It arranges fake scanners, shows pop-up ads in the form of “Antivirus Clean 2011 – Malware detected”, etc. and redirects your web browser each time you hit those ads. Below is the example of such pop-up ad:

Antivirus Clean 2011 fake notice
Antivirus Clean 2011 fake notice

The web page promoting Antivirus Clean 2011 is a deceitfully secure one containing the scam payment processor that suggests you to purchase the Basic (for $34) or Professional Edition ($45) of Antivirus Clean 2011 înşelătorie. Iată cum se pare ca:

Antivirus Clean 2011 purchase page
Antivirus Clean 2011 purchase page

We would like to render you certain useful recommendations in this regard. Do not ever buy Antivirus Clean 2011. Make sure and disregard the fake virus notifications showed by this scareware. And finally, get rid of Antivirus Clean 2011 malware from your PC at once. The step-by-step guide for Antivirus Clean 2011 elimination is provided herein, and it will show you how to get rid of this pest.

Antivirus Clean 2011 remover automată:

Download the latest version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer to your infected computer, instala şi a alerga it.

Antivirus Clean 2011 manual removal ghid:

Delete Antivirus Clean 2011 fişiere:
%programfiles%\antivirus clean 2011
%programfiles%\antivirus clean 2011\avc2011.exe
%programfiles%\antivirus clean 2011\avservice.exe
%programfiles%\antivirus clean 2011\avsetup.exe
Delete Antivirus Clean 2011 intrările de registry:
hklm\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AntivirusClean”
hklm\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “avservice”

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