Fake Microsoft Antivirus 2013. How to remove

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Microsoft Inc. is not the developer of Microsoft Antivirus 2013 program. In fact, there’s no any legitimate security program developed by Microsoft Inc. that would bear such a name. What is Microsoft Antivirus 2013 then? In fact, this is a browser hijacker that is more peculiar to attack Internet Explorer due to some browser vulnerabilities. However, other browsers may also be compromised in a similar manner. Once this happens, the following message comes up:

Microsoft Antivirus 2013

Of course, receiving such an alert might be very scary for those users who don’t realize that this is a fake alert from Microsoft. Upon clicking “OK” users may see the very browser vulnerability – there will be the fake scanning through Internet Explorer browser window that would look like this:

Microsoft Antivirus 2013 fake scan

During this fake scanning of your system various fake infections and threats are reported to dwell on your system. No doubt, such information may sound quite scary for those who don’t realize it is fake. Upon clicking the “Remove all” button users actually download the installer of malware. In our case, the file with the name “freescan_2013.exe” was downloaded and self-launched. Afterwards we saw one of the variants of MultiRogue 2013 programs being successfully installed onto our system without our consent or approval.

Hence, the purpose of this article is to let you know about this browser vulnerability that is mostly peculiar to Internet Explorer. Keep in mind that there’s no such legitimate antivirus that would be called “Microsoft Antivirus 2013”. This is a scam that brings malwares into your system, so you should be very careful once you receive such bogus and scary alerts. Do not follow the recommendations contained in them. Do not download any suspicious files and do not execute them. Instead, we strongly recommend you to scan your computer with decent security program available in your anti-virus arsenal. You may try GridinSoft Trojan Killer by clicking the download link below.

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One thought on “Fake Microsoft Antivirus 2013. How to remove

  1. I “experienced” the Fake Microsoft Antivirus 2013 in Firefox 17.0.1. I didn’t click and used Task Manager to exit all programs. I did, however, find a worm in System Startup. I cleared it, so I don’t have a record of its name.


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