Norsk Politi virus. Politiet ransomware removal guide

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Today we will tell you about another ransomware application that targets active PC users in Norway. Similar to many other desktop lockers, this one presents itself as some warning supposedly coming from the Police of Norway (also known as Norsk Politi, Polities or Institutt for Cybercrime). So, it suddenly happens that the computer becomes locked with this scary warning supposedly originating from the police that states the following scary information:

Norsk Politi
Institutt for Cybercrime
Alle dine handlinger på denne datamaskinen blir registrert. Hvis du bruker et videokamera, ble en video og bilder bevart for identifisering.
Datamaskinen har blitt last!
Datamaskinen din er midlertidig list på grunn av uautorisert datavirksomhet. Det er mulige brudd du har begått:
Art. 274 – Opphavsrettsbrudd t
Straffes med bot eller fengsel i inntil 4 ar
(Bruk eller distribusjon av filer beskyttet med opphavsrett – filmer, programvare)
Art. 183 – Pornografisk produksjon t Straffes med bot eller fengsel i inntil 2 ar (Bruk eller distribusjon av pornografiske filer)
Art. 184 – Pornografisk produksjon hvor barn deltar (under 18 år)
Straffes med fengsel i inntil 15 ar
(Bruk eller distribusjon av pornografiske filer)
Art. 104 – Popularisering av ter/orisme Straffes med fengsel i inntil 25 ar
(Du har besøkt hjemmesider til terroristiske organisasjoner)
Art. 297 – Skjødesløs bruk av datamaskin som resulterte i alvorlige konsekvenser Straffes med bot eller fengsel i inntil 2 ar
(Datamaskinen din er infisert med et virus, som i sin tur infisere andre datamaskiner)
Art. 108 – Gambling t
Straffes med bot el er fengsel i inntil 2 ar
(Du har deltatt i gamling som er forbudt ifølge lovgivning i landet ditt)
i hjemmel med regjerings vedtak av den 22. august, kunne alle disse lovbrudd anses som betinget ved betaling av bot.
Botens beløp er 100 euro. Boten skal betales innen 48 timer etter oppdagelsen av et brudd.
Hvis boten ikke blir betalt, blir det automatisk anlagt en straffesak mot deg. Etter betaling av boten blir datamaskinen din låst opp.

Without hesitation, the contents of such warning may be quite scary for all those users who don’t realize that this fake warning isn’t even associated with the police of Norway. Instead, this locker is the virus that was developed by some hackers who simply want to become richer by means of scaring, deceiving and tricking simple and trusting users.

Hackers want users in Norway to share some of their earnings with them. So, they prompt them to donate some funds through indication of Ukash or Paysafecard voucher (PIN) codes in the respective section of the ranwomware’s scary warning. The fake police warning says that this should be done to unlock the PC that has been noticed to perform some illegal activities as described above. The reality, of course, is that you’ve never done anything like that, have you? So, do not worry too much, please. Ignore the scary warning of this malware and please follow the guide below that will teach you how to get rid of it completely and effectively.

Screenshot of Norsk Politi ransomware:

Norsk Politi virus

Ransomware unlocking procedure

Note! This tutorial is effective for all GreenDot MoneyPak, Ukash and Paysafecard ransomwares.

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 while it is restarting.
  2. Choose safe mode with networking.
  3. safe mode with networking

  4. Press Start menu and select Run, or press [Win]+R on keyboard.
  5. Run command

  6. Type msconfig
  7. msconfig

  8. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data.
  9. Restart your system once again.
  10. Scan your system with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to identify file and delete it.

Some versions of these viruses disable all safe modes, but give a short gap that you can use to run anti-malware programs. Then do following:

  1. Reboot normally.
  2. Click Start and choose Run.
  3. Enter the text specified in the quotation below. If malware is loaded, just press Alt+Tab once and keep entering the string blindly then press Enter.

  5. Press Alt+tab and then R (letter) a couple of times. The process of ransomware virus should be killed after you succeed to download, install our recommended software and scan your PC with it.

Download GridinSoft Trojan Killer for thorough system checkup

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