Windows Security &; Control virus. How to get rid of Windows Security &; Control scam

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Windows Security &; Control is a typical scareware, virus and just another malicious tool at the spacious realm of fake anti-viruses. Windows Security &; Control virus has only recently been implemented by cyber hackers and frauds. After carried out analysis of the program performance it becomes quite clear that it is definitely a malware that is beyond any doubt very aggressive and pushy nowadays in targeting so many PCs.

Windows Security & Control virus
Windows Security & Control virus

Let us have a quick glimpse at the screenshot presented above. It is obvious from it that Windows Security &; Control is nothing but a direct clone of Windows Optimization &; Veiligheid virus which we discussed few days ago. And here we are facing its new “colleague”. Beyond any doubt, it should be noted that Windows Security &; Control is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You should know that as soon as it comes to your PC it will present a warning that your computer is being under serious virus attack. Similar to as many other scams, Windows Security &; Control was introduced for the only malicious goal, that is to steal your hard earned money, hence, in addition to scary notifications, it will suggest you to register (to purchase) its “full” or “licensed” version. Op hetzelfde moment, you need to understand and be convinced that Windows Security &; Control is the program that you definitely do not need, no matter how persuasive it might sound or seem to be. Dus, if you ever happen to see its availability on your PC, without any doubt take all the necessary measures on its timely removal. And do not loiter with it. Cause otherwise you will really be sorry for your failure to do it at once. Cause Windows Security &; Control can cause terrible damage to your computer and may get your important private data from it.

Its infiltration into PCs is caused by trojans and browser-hijacking methods that are the doors for Windows Security &; Control aggression. Onnodig te zeggen, Windows Security &; Control virus doesn’t require any permission or consent of users. This badware, upon being installed into the computer, modifies important system settings in such a manner that it will be launched each time you start your PC. The additional ways for infiltration are represented by all sorts of alerts and fake system scanners notifying you of the above-stated viruses. It is not by chance that this junkware causes all sorts of redirects to many unsecure web hosts.

Despite of the version of Windows Security &; Control malware on your system, the outcome will always be the same – you will see lots of warnings telling about the viruses that were elaborated by it. Op hetzelfde moment, the truth is that they might be some needed system and legitimate files of your PC that are required for regular PC work. You should know that you definitely don’t need Windows Security &; Control to be present on your system, cause it is just simply another stealthware that tries to trick and to scare you with messages of your computer being attacked. Hence please be advised that Windows Security &; Control is a fraudulent malware that should be deleted immediately. You may do it either manually or automatically. Please find the removal guidelines below.

Windows Security &; Control automatic remover:

Waarschuwing!!! Windows Security &; Control virus may block the main executable file of GridinSoft Trojan Killer (trojankiller.exe) from launching. Normaal is het op de volgende locatie: (C:\Programma FilesGridinSoft Trojan Killer). "C" staat voor de systeemschijf van uw computer. De naam van de systeemschijf, echter, kan worden gemarkeerd met een andere letter. In order to prevent blockage please rename the exe-file of GridinSoft Trojan Killer trojankiller.exe in Explorer.exe . Afterwards please click explorer.exe and run Trojan Killer on your PC.

Windows Security &; Control manual removal guide:

Delete Windows Security &; Control files:
Delete Windows Security &; Control registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Shell “%AppData%\[willekeurige].exe"

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  1. Ik heb enkel aangevallen door Windows controle niet zelfs tien minuten geleden. Het begon net nadat ik gedownload een UTAU stem Bank. VERVOLGENS het dwong me om de computer te scannen en op kwam opwaarts van negen verschillende virussen (Ik heb de snelle scan). VERVOLGENS (Ja, it gets better…;) het een of andere manier opgemaakt een firewall die Google Chrome behandeld alsof het een virus, en hetzelfde geldt voor Internet Explorer en Firefox. Now my computer is just plain sluggish and I can’;t krijgen zelfs naar het Configuratiescherm om het te desinstalleren zonder te herstarten en probeer weer vanwege de traagheid. Hoe krijg ik deze shit uit?

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