Windows Threats Destroyer trojan removal

Windows Threats Destroyer

Windows Threats Destroyer is a phony application which has nothing to do with the decent anti-spyware programs. It is a close relative of such viruses as Windows Basic Antivirus, Windows PRO Scanner, Windows Shield Tool, Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Smart Partner, Windows Smart Warden, Windows Functionality Checker, Windows Protection Master. All of above-enumerated apps have the same interfaces and the same malicious goals, the only names are the distinctive features for these programs. Windows Threats Destroyer roves in the Web and looks for the potential victims to wind them round and rip them off. The virus squeezes to the targeted PC via security vulnerabilities and starts with its fictious system scanning. Upon the termination of this so- called checkup, it presents the invented scanning reports. The results state to find numerous viruses. Such lie is counted on non-advanced gullible computer users.The badware wants to make the potential victim panic. When the person is in despair it is the very moment when this fraudulent app offers its removal service. The only thing you need is the purchase of its full version to remove all identified insecure stuff. If you take this offer and effect the payment for the cyber crooks` benefit, the goal of Windows Threats Destroyer is reached. They get money and you get a headache and lost nerves. The program is not capable for anything good for your system. Be advised enough not to be caught to filthy paws of the Windows Threats Destroyer virus.

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