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Score Escape ads (removal guide)

Score Escape ads

Score Escape stands for a new very intrusive adware, which nowadays attacks the majority of browsers. The attack of this adware is most likely directed onto browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This guide will give you the weapon to destroy these Score Escape ads and to kill the entire adware, which made its dwelling in your computer.


How do I remove browser hijacker? is a fake search engine which attacks browsers worldwide and changes web browsers’ configurations to set its domain as your default homepage and search engine without your authorization. It is done to boost Internet traffic to its website and websites of its partners, as well. It is also developed a tool to promote ad-supported software or malware. There is no need to persuade you that this program deserves to be uninstalled without lingering.


Search Defense adware removal guide

Search Defense

Search Defense is a new adware, and this means that it will display a lot of annoying, disgusting and intrusive ads in your browser. You will be really fed up facing all such ads by Search Defense in your browser. Luckily, this guide will assist you in removal of this adware from your workstation.


How to remove pop-ups? pop-up is a dangerous web domain which is involved into displaying annoying pop-ups on the infected computers worldwide. If you notice the link to this site, while surfing the web, keep far from it. If you click on it, it will inevitably lead to the infection of your workstation with this obtrusive pop-up service. You will be sick and tired of these countless pop-ups, commercial advertisements and other unwanted stuff.

(more…) virus. Remove it! (aka, Searches7) is a nasty and dangerous browser attacker that can bring users a lot of inconveniences. It enters into users’ computers through spam emails, download unsafe sites, video recording/downloading and etc.


CinemaxMe-version2.0 adware removal guide


CinemaxMe-version2.0 is a brand new adware currently invading the majority of browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As a result of this adware intrusion you will see a lot of annoying ads by CinemaxMe-version2.0 everywhere whenever you go online.


UniSales Ads (removal guide)

UniSales adware

In this guide we will assist you in removal of ads by UniSales from your computer? What is UniSales in the first place and how did it ever come into your PC if you didn’t install it? This is the good question, but the most important thing, of course, is to find out how to effectively get rid of UniSales from your PC.


Qozmo redirect virus removal


Qozmo is a browser hijacker that is commonly distributed in a bundle with various freewares and sharewares. It may seem as a genuine search provider firstly. But if users use it instead of their favorite search engine, they change their mind. It may appear to be extremely annoying, disruptive and lead you to malicious third-party sites. Usually it appears on random computers at once upon installing some popular free programs that have been bundled with this potentially unwanted program.

(more…) pop-ups (Uninstall tips)

Get the annoying pop-ups from You are not sure in their safety for your PC? Search for some information about these intrusive pop-ups or need help to remove them? This post goes to provide the step-by-step guidelines on uninstalling pop-ups. Please read more.