malicious links spread viruses via Skype

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Today we found out another way hackers try to implant malwares into compromised systems. They send viruses via Skype through some suspicious and infected links beginning with However, we can’t say anything bad about service. This is a good company that renders excellent services on file storage in an online mode. However, hackers use the good services of this company for the purpose of spreading malwares into compromised systems. They’ve invented a special virus called Skype_Worm_IM [Backdoor IRC (snk) that is being spread through Skype. When it is successfully installed, it may throw several links into the online chat with some alleged person in Skype (obviously not in the list of your contacts). Usually, it has some random name that doesn’t make any sense. While the so-called conversation takes place, the fake person sends the link beginning with and ending up with a set or random characters. When clicking it, the special type of malware is downloaded and executed onto your computer. It often looks like some picture format, however, the extension of the file is *.scr

The phrases that may be contained in the Skype message are as follows:

Is this you??
Picture of you???
Tell me what you think of this picture
This is the funniest picture ever!
I cant believe I still have this picture
Someone showed me your picture
Your photo isn’t really that great
I love your picture!
What you think of my new hair color?
What do you think of my new hair?
You look so beautiful on this picture
You should take a look at this picture
Take a look at my new picture please
What you think of this picture?
Should I upload this picture on facebook?
Someone told me it’s your picture

So, when you see such suspicious Skype conversation with the person that is not in the list of your contacts, or even with the person that is in your contacts, especially when the above-mentioned links are given with similar tricky offers about viewing your picture, please be very careful not to click them. Instead, go ahead and scan your computer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer through the direct download link below.

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3 thoughts on “ malicious links spread viruses via Skype

  1. It’s a backdoor virus obviously, but what does it do?? I would like to know, because I have Skype and somebody on Skype told me about the virus.

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