Windows 위험 Minimizer 바이러스 제거

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Is your PC infected with Windows Risk Minimizer 바이러스? If this is the case we know what it is in reality. We really regret that you have to face plenty of irritating and annoying popups and other unexpected and unwanted ads thrown up in front of you. We consider it to be our duty to warn you not to follow any recommendations, instructions or advices given to you by this scam. The only goal of it is to steal money from you by tricking and deceiving.

Windows Risk Minimizer tricks you, because it provides lots of fake information about the condition of your system. The rogue gets inside of your machine without your desire or even authorization. Soon upon successful infiltration it tunes up your system in such a manner that it gets launched with every Windows startup. This means that immediately after you launch Windows you would start seeing the main program window of Windows Risk Minimizer in front of you. The malware arranges fake system scan of your machine reporting thousands of fake infections available. This is how the user gets really scared, seeing so many reported infections and viruses available on the machine. You should not be tricked like that!!! The only reason why the scareware does all that is to make you pay for its full version, promising it will remove all such reported infections. 그러나, bear in mind that they do not exist in reality. As for real threats and viruses, this application is not able to remove them, because it is a virus by itself. 따라서, you must totally disregard all information provided to you by this rogue security tool. Ignore it and do not tolerate it. Make sure to immediately remove this badware using some good anti-malware application. 그리고, once again, do not ever buy this useless software. This is scam and rogue program.

Windows Risk Minimizer automatic remover:

Windows Risk Minimizer manual remover:

Delete Windows Risk Minimizer files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Risk Minimizer.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Risk Minimizer.lnk
Delete Windows Risk Minimizer registry entries:

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