Windows Personal Doctor virus. 제거 하는 방법

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The virus program bearing the name of Windows Personal Doctor is now actively targeting many computers all over the world. This gives us the grounds to write this special post about removal instructions for our users to help them get rid of this malware. The hoax belongs to the category of rogue security programs. They are used in order to trick users into purchasing these totally useless and fake security applications, and this one rightfully belongs to such group. It does not ask for permission to enter into PC. It shows total disregard to your choices and preferences, so it gets installed without your consent or approval. This approach, 그러나, is quite typical and predictable for all rogues, not only Windows Personal Doctor.

When the hoax is successfully installed onto the infected machine it would commence its fake scan finalized with bogus report about lots of viruses, threats and malwares supposedly detected by it during its fictitious system scan. You should realize that all such data stated by this rogue program is entirely fabricated. It has nothing to do with the reality. The only reason why it is used is to scare users into thinking that their PC is infected. 다음, 이 기준, they would try to prompt user into purchasing their rogue security product (Windows Personal Doctor in this case), after the promise is made by them that their useless device would eliminate all unreal threats. 그러나, by purchasing their program people are really wasting their money. They don’t get any powerful security program in response. This program is not able to detect or remove real security threats. 그래서, please take time and follow our removal instructions for successful deletion of Windows Personal Doctor scam from your computer. Please carefully observe the milestones of successful removal of this virus using GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Windows Personal Doctor automatic remover:

Windows Personal Doctor manual remover:

Delete Windows Personal Doctor files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Personal Doctor.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Personal Doctor.lnk
Delete Windows Personal Doctor registry entries:

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  1. This took over my computer completly. It kicked me off line and refused to let me sign back in. It just kept increasing the “;issuses”;. I think the last count was 37!!!! It took or hid my security system so I couldn’;t run it and now it has totally locked up my computer. I have a tech coming out tomorrow to see if he can fix it. I’;m think it is great that you are able to publish the way to stop it but it wouldn’;t let me sign back in to contact you. I’;m glad I didn’;t pay them!!!

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