Comment se débarrasser du virus Windows stabilité Guard?

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New computer threat is rotating in the Web, looking for potentials victims. Il est connu sous le nom de Windows Stability Guard. Trojan Killer anti-spyware laboratory has analyzed this software and the results of this test are really shocking. This is bogus anti-malware program that comes from the huge virus clan, its predecessor are well-known malicious agents such as Windows Basic Antivirus, Windows PRO Scanner, Windows Shield Tool, Windows Telemetry Center, Windows Performance Catalyst, Windows Smart Partner, Windows Smart Warden, Vérification de la fonctionnalité de Windows,Windows Protection Master This program initiates the series of false system checkups. Then generates scanning results, stating numerous viruses detected. It is well-designed technique, how to compromise the innocent people. This virus is spread in two ways. It possible to get this infection via online anti-malware scanner called Windows Web Security. When you click the link leading to these sites you will see a page that imitates the scanning of your computer system. Upon the termination of such phony system scanning it will assure to detect numerous infections and in order to eliminate them Windows Stability Guard insistently recommends to download a program to clean your computer up. It is important to remember that any time you see a web page that states that your computer is contaminated, you should not take such information into account, because the Internet teems with malicious software which are eager to deceive PC users and make money in unfair ways. The second way of getting this infection is installation of Windows Stability Guard. through hacked web pages that spot their malicious code onto your PC without your knowledge using system leaks in your outdated utilities.

Windows Stability Guard.
Windows Stability Guard.

Once Windows Stability Guard is sucessfully installed on your workstations it will tunes up to start automatically with every Windows login. When the program checks up your PC it will allegedly detect numerous viruse, including the files enumerated above and then push you to remove them. When you tries to delete them, it will redirect you to the page where the commercial version of Windows Stability Guard will be offered, it will state you are unable to unless you first purchase the program. As the scan results for this program are invented, please buy the full version under no circumstances. It is absolutely useless. The compromised users will bombarded with numerous warning notifications and alerts.These warnings usually misinform that viruses have been detected, and there is the leak of your private data. We would recommend you to ignore any information generated by Windows Stability Guard. The best thing you may do for your PC is removing this pest at once after detection. The automatic and manual tutorial is stipulated below. Le choix est à vous.

Windows Stability Guard automatic remover:

Windows Stability Guard manual remover:

Windows Stability Guard files added:
%desktopdir%\Windows Stability Guard.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Stability Guard.lnk
Windows Windows Stability Guard registry entries:

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