Virus Internet Crime Complaint Center. Outil de suppression

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  1. Irina dit:

    Andy! Aider, s'il vous plaît! Nothing seem to work to get rid of this horrible virus! I’;ve tried all your optione. I seem to only be able to boot normally and then have 15-30 sec before the virus takes over …;. Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît!

    I am on Houston time. I hope to hear from you tomorrow morning (Décembre 24) my time.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help 🙂

  2. J dit:

    Your solution doesn’;t work for my case. Regardless which type of the safe mode I started Windows XP, the screen is always locked up by this virus.

  3. Homie dit:

    This happened to me last night and was a nightmare. I was able to boot with safe mode, but when I tried to bring up the command prompt, the virus completely locked my computer down, it was then loading even in safe mode, and with or without an internet connection. My only solution was to press F8 upon start up, and restore my computer to an earlier time, which happened to be the day prior. It worked and it got rid of it, but then I had to reinstall firefox because it wouldn’;t let me clear history, as I wanted to clean my system as best as possible. I’;m a little worried it might be hibernating somewhere in my system.

  4. Usama dit:

    For those of you who’;ve got infected by the nastier version of this virus in which safe more or safe mode with networking doesn’;travail t, one solution is to get a bootable windows dvd, boot your computer from that dvd, choose to repair your system, from there choose to do a restore to an earlier point.
    It worked for me.

  5. paul dit:

    And for all those who have the latest variation of this virus DO NOT bother with spyhunter or any of the other crap as it won’;t work without an internet connection. Which the new version of the virus blocks completely.It also stops the use of “;system restore”; . Stupid me paid for the spyhunter malware finder …; it found the virus alright but doesn’;t remove it until it’;s activated…; again it won’;t do that because All internet access is blocked.

  6. Megan dit:

    I have tried the options listed here. This virus has hijacked my computer even in all safe modes. Besoin d’aide.

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