Flyper ransomware, decryption tool and detailed information

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About Flyper ransomware

Flyper is another ransomware type of virus that encrypts your files and then demands the release fee to get them back. This ransomware changes the names of encrypted files during the process of encryption, by adding .flyper extension to them. And after successful encryption of files, Flyper will create a file on your desktop with name instruction.txt, it will contain an information you need to pay the ransom. Fortunately, you don’t need that. Michael Gillespie on twitter developed a decryption tool(>>Click< <).

Flyper Ransomware

Once your files will be encrypted with Flyper virus, it will also change your desktop picture on “You have been hacked!”. From the instruction.txt you can learn that files have been encrypted with “strongest encryption RSA-2048”. This is an asymmetric algorithm that generates public and private keys during the encryption process of your files. You won’t be able to decrypt files without the private key, that stores on command and control servers. Hackers are in control of these servers and victims need to pay them the release fee to get a private key. You must remember that not always cyber criminals are true to their words, sometimes you may not receive the needed key even after you paid the money. The Flyper ransomware demands 0.5 bitcoins for the decryption key. Hackers choose this cryptocurrency because it seriously decreases the chances of being traced by any authorities. Here is an example of a demand message:

Flyper Ransomware

How to prevent Flyper ransomware infection:

Even though there is a decryption tool that can help you to decrypt your files without paying ransom, it is best to not get infected in the first place. Which is why we are glad to announce that our anti-ransomware product is now ready for a beta release! GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware beta was developed to protect your computer from cyptoviruses. Try this program, it may save your computer from possible future infection. Help us make GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware better by leaving your feedback! To install this program follow next steps:

Download GridinSoft Anti-Ransomware
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