Three programs for successful removal of System Recovery virus

System Recovery virus

System Recovery Malware (also referred to as SystemRecovery) is the virus which has been the subject of several our posts recently. Its successful removal is a feasible task for GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Kuitenkin, running GridinSoft Trojan Killer is not enough in this case, even though the program recommended by us indeed deletes all malicious files and registry entries of the above-mentioned scam. The point is that even after successful elimination of SystemRecovery fake defragmenter the problems caused by it still remain. These problems include missing icons, disappeared desktop, missing files and folders as well as all the programs in the Start menu. Two additional programs developed by GridinSoft LLC can restore your system back to normal (previous) condition, the state in which your PC was before the virus infiltration. These applications are GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. Below please find the information about where to download them and how to use them free of charge.

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How to remove System Recovery (SystemRecovery) virus and restore your files

Sairastuneen System Recovery virus is not the end of the world yet. Kyllä, it hides your files and folders, it makes your icons seem to be missing or gone. Similarly, the programs in the Start menu also disappear suddenly. Lisäksi, instead of the common and nice desktop theme you have to encounter the black background. No, if you prefer black color of your desktop this is your own choice, Tietysti, and we surely respect it, but often users prefer to have some other backgrounds at their screen. No, System Recovery virus does not give you any options but the black desktop and that’;s se. Keep in mind that this virus is a fake system defragmenter which only aims to get more and more money from unwary users who don’;t realize that any information presented by it is a fake one. Buying SystemRecovery will not help them. The problems created by this rogue would remain. What you need to do is to get rid of this infection immediately. The video tutorial in this article instructs you how to do it.

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System Recovery virus removal instructions

System Recovery

System Recovery belongs to the category of fake system defragmenters. Such programs, in spite of their nice-looking and attractive appearance, cannot do any single good thing for your computer. They claim to be able to help, but the truth is that they are only designed to ruin your system and to make it entirely modified and spoilt with the horrible and bountiful amendments initiated by them. Niin, System Recovery is not the exception in this case. Being spread by means of various malicious virus links, this tool would modify your PC so greatly that you would simply not even recognize it.

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