Scan Disk rogue. How to uninstall ScanDisk fake security application

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Otamme tilaisuus korostaa oman parhaansa huomiota Scan Disk (kutsutaan myös ScanDisk). Tämä on toinen rogue aktiivisesti levinnyt nykyään. Samanlaisia ​​paljon muuta Konnat se voi tuntua olevan hyötyä ensi silmäyksellä, mutta tämän jälkeen virus tunkeutuu järjestelmän te todella pahoillani se on olemassa. Muuten, Scan Disk on hyvin samanlainen käyttöliittymä kanssa, Ultra defragger jo käsitelty ennen.


Scan Disk substantially downgrades the system performance and makes major system amendments in such a manner that you will definitely face them soon. You need to know that this malware penetrates to PC often secretly, without user’s consent or approval. As soon as it is inside Scan Disk will pretend to analyze your system for potential errors and all sorts of software and hardware problems and later on will present various annoying popups which will tell of certain major performance problems that were detected during the scan. These may be the messages on HDD or Random Access Memory trouble, bad sectors on the hard drive or damaged allocation table etc. Lisäksi, all such fake warnings continuously annoy you by advising you to click on them in order to obtain the guidelines on how to repair these errors. Scan Disk is also the cause of annoying redirection of your browser to its fraudulent window that will do all it can to convince you to purchase its full (licensed) versio.

It therefore should be clear what the tool is after. It only aims to steal you money and tries to gain it in a very dishonest way. Unless you love being tricked and scammed out of your funds, it’s a must to get rid of ScanDisk fake tool. It is not what it claims to be and may even turn out dangerous for your PC and its safety. Scan Disk uninstall guidelines are stipulated below (including automatic and manual removal instructions).

Scan Disk automatical remover:

Scan Disk manual removal guide:

Delete Scan Disk files:
%Desktop%\Scan Disk.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\Scan Disk\
%StartMenu%\Programs\Scan Disk\Scan Disk.lnk
%StartMenu%\Programs\Scan Disk\Uninstall Scan Disk.lnk
Delete Scan Disk registry entries:
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[satunnainen]”
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “[satunnainen].exe ”

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