Fake Windows Action Center removal

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Today there are many infections that spread around the world wide web. Some of them act quite aggressively and pushy, whereas some don’t represent tremendous danger. Yet, they’re all malicious because they’re largely intertwined with many other contemporary forms of malware. Thus, it is a must to get rid of the source of infection effectively, on a quite professional lever. For this purpose running a powerful security program is of utmost importance, however, you must make sure that it is properly updated.

We’ve encountered several fake anti-malware applications that replace legitimate Windows Action Center (or simply Action Center) with its own, fake Windows Action Center. Based on our analysis we’ve been able to trace some faulty anti-spyware tools that do such things. They all belong to the clan of MultiRogue 2013 scam, also sometimes referred to as FakeRean or Braviax malwares. This is a special name-changing rogue; its same installer may generate various modifications of names for literally similar malwares. The peculiarity of these programs is that during their installation without user’s consent or approval they actually substitute (replace) legitimate Windows Action Center of your Windows operating system with its own, faulty one which looks like this:

Fake Windows Action Center
Fake Windows Action Center

As you see from the screenshot above, this fake Windows Action Center actually instructs users to download and run certain fake antivirus program, which, in fact, is one of the examples of MultiRogue 2013 virus clan. Hence, you should be very careful when dealing with such infections. Keep in mind that they’re all malicious and hazardous because they ask users to pay money for their fake and helpless license, which is not able to render real security protection. They do claim to detect some faulty infections during the fake scan of your system, but such infections are all but invented. They simply don’t dwell on your PC. We strongly recommend you that in such cases you run a full scan with our recommended security software – GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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