Fake police warning about fake illegal downloads

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Today there are numerous malicious applications that first began to appear long time ago. These fraudulent tools are generally referred to as ransomware infections that lock (block) the desktop of the infected computer and do not let users do anything on their machines. There are very many examples of such bogus and scary notifications, and in the majority of cases the emphasis is made on the fact that they are supposedly originated by the police and other law enforcement bodies. In particular, one of the most well-known ransomwares that still attacks computers today is called Metropolitan Police warning, which is obviously fake and has nothing to do with this UK’s reputable police body). In the similar manner another screen locker works – it is known as Police Central E-crimes Unit of Specialist Crime Directorate of the Metropolitan Police. It is quite clear that this type of infection is more likely to happen and appear on the PCs primarily located in the UK and, possibly, in some other European Countries like Ireland, Germany, France and few others. Below are the examples of some other similar ransomware infections that were reviewed by us in the past, with the relevant recommendations given by us with regard to their elimination and attempts to unlock the desktop.

Examples of fake police warnings (ransomwares) depending on the target country:

As you see, the range of countries that suffer from such type of ransomware infections is quite a considerable one, isn’t it? It is peculiar to such malwares that today they often accuse uses of illegal downloads of music and software made from their PCs. Obviously, you haven’t ever done anything like that. But even if somebody used to illegally download multimedia samples of software that was not licensed or purchased previously this ransomware program is not in the position to perform justice. Instead, this is another way hackers refer to in order to reach their evil plots. They simply want to scare you with the fake warnings like the ones you see above, and then, on this basis, their ideas are to trick you into paying money supposedly as a fine for the fake crimes you’ve never committed. Be careful! If your PC has become the dwelling place for one of the ransomware programs that want you to pay money as a fine or penalty for doing something wrong please first search for more detailed information about such misleading warnings over the Internet. You will find out that these notifications are the products of fraudsters who must be imprisoned for their personal bountiful crimes they’ve personally committed.

Finally, to remove these ransomwares from your PC and to unlock it, please follow one of the guidelines you’ve seen in the articles listed above. If you have troubles doing so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us immediately, we will always be at hand to assist you the best we can.

Recommended solution to clean you PC from ransomware infection:

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