Su ordenador ha sido bloqueado herramienta de eliminación de virus

Spain is also not an exception when it comes to ransomware infections and their impact on contemporary computers. This locker now has an international character; por lo tanto, it attacks many computers that are used by most active PC owners and Internet surfers. Sometimes there are many hidden vulnerabilities, and thus the virus enters the compromised machines. Sin dudarlo, this is quite a scary moment when one of the examples of ransomware infections literally hijacks the computers. This may happen with any users, irrespective of gender, nationality or religious beliefs. Por lo tanto, spanish users today are being bombarded by a fake police warning that says: "Su ordenador ha sido bloqueado". In English this literally means: “Your computer has been locked”.

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Eliminación de virus del cuerpo Nacional de Policía

Cuerpo National de Policia

Cuerpo Nacional de Policía is a good law enforcement organization headquartered in Spain. Lamentablemente, hackers user its good name for reaching their malicious and evil purposes. Por lo tanto, they’ve invented a new ransomware that presents itself as some warning supposedly coming from this agency. Al mismo tiempo, this virus isn’t associated at all with this company. Ransomware virus infections are becoming more and more persistent today in targeting various PCs all over the world. Por lo tanto, today this version of ransomware locker also attacks Spain and many other Spanish-speaking countries. Please be careful when you see this strange warning that gives the following scary content:

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