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HohoSearch is a form of computer infection classified correctly as browser hijacker. Some users by mistake speak about it as a virus, but it is actually not correct to categorize it like that. It is rather a potentially unwanted software changing your default home page and search engine settings. When you start your browser you notice that is now set to be its default home page. Plus, when you attempt to look for information through this homepage you will be redirected to many other dangerous places in the web which will not provide you with any relevant data. Weiter, such redirections may bring you to the multitude of unsafe places in the Internet, through which your system may become contaminated with plenty of other junk titles.

HohoSearch Entführer

HohoSearch hijacker may implant itself into all widely used browsers, einschließlich Google Chrome, Oper, Mozilla Firefox und Internet Explorer. The infection is distributed in the web by means of integration of its installer with some other free programs users might decide to make the part of their computers. It is definitely mandatory that users pay close attention to all supporting documentation related to free programs of their selection. In case any third-party programs are suggested for default installation, it is mandatory to switch to the advanced (custom) installation mode to prevent any of such third-party applications from penetrating into PCs. User’s failure to be careful results in intrusion of many junk utilities into computers, including the installer of HohoSearch hijacker.

HohoSearch is not capable to furnish you with adequate search results. Very often (Tatsächlich, always) your search queries will be collected and transmitted to third parties for various illegal purposes. Mit anderen Worten,, the hijacker plays the role of spyware by collecting your personal information and transferring it for easy manipulation by cyber frauds.

Schließlich, HohoSearch performs the function of adware in your computer by displaying the multitude of intrusive and quite annoying advertisement banners. They may be place in the home page of your hijacked browsers or together with those pseudo search results delivered to you by means of third-party websites (irrelevant search engines).

How to remove HohoSearch virus?

When trying to get rid of HohoSearch malware many users experience a lot of difficulties. The problem is that the hijacker is additionally integrated with other supporting software which makes it really difficult for you to get rid of it. You may change the home page of your browser back to or some other decent start pages, jedoch, such additional software will restore the settings introduced by HohoSearch hijacker. We suggest that you get rid of it by carefully scanning your system with GridinSoft Anti-Malware, the proven virus removal software. The guide to delete it is rendered below.

HohoSearch automatic removal tool:

HohoSearch removal steps:

  • Download GridinSoft AntiMalware and scan your PC with it.
  • Click on “;Gelten; to remove all threats found after the scan is completed:
  • Bewerben Aktionen von GridinSoft Antimalware

  • Beenden Sie alle verfügbaren Browser.
  • In GridinSoft AntiMalware click on “;Werkzeuge; and then on “;Browser-Einstellungen zurücksetzen;:
  • Built-in-Dienstprogramm von GridinSoft Antimalware der Browser-Einstellungen zurücksetzen

  • Folgen Sie den Anweisungen, Wählen Sie Browser zurückgesetzt werden, and click on “;Zurücksetzen; Schaltfläche. Schließlich, Starten Sie Ihren Computer, um alle Änderungen zu übernehmen hat:
  • Optionen zum Zurücksetzen Browser mit GridinSoft Antimalware

Video explaining how to reset your browser using GridinSoft AntiMalware:

How to prevent your PC from being contaminated with HohoSearch again in the future.

GridinSoft AntiMalware offers excellent solution which may help to prevent your system from being contaminated with malware ahead of time. This feature is referred to as “;Real-Time Protection”;. In der Standardeinstellung, es deaktiviert ist, wenn Sie die Software installieren. Um sie zu aktivieren, please click on “;In Schutz Nehmen; button and press “;Start; wie nachstehend gezeigt:

Aktivieren der Echtzeitschutz von GridinSoft Antimalware

Diese Option hilft Ihnen bei der Ausführung von Schadprogrammen zu verhüten und deren Installation vor der Zeit zu vermeiden. Wenn bestimmte Malware versucht, sich in Ihrem System installieren, GridinSoft AntiMalware and its Real-Time Protection module will terminate this installation attempt ahead of time. You may click on “;Bestätigen; um fortzufahren Blockierung dieses Schadprogramm, or to select “;Diese Datei Ignorieren; und lassen Sie das Schadprogramm installiert werden (auf eigene gefahr):

Bösartige Artikel blockiert durch GridinSoft Antimalware

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