Windows XP System Repair malware. How to get rid of Windows XP System Repair virus?

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Windows XP System Repair is a malware that infects a lot of computers at present time. Som sædvanlig, the viruses of this type has an aim and specific methods of the achievements of this aim. The methods can be different in its nature, but in general, they are familiar in some way. The aim of the Windows XP System Repair is not so new to you if you have already read our previous articles about viruses. Developers of the viruses have figured out how to fool users. They name the malicious program as an anti-virus or program that ‘;can’; provide some safe work in PC. That is the catch. And many users are actually believe that if the program has safe name so it do the same safe work. But in our time we cannot be so sure about it as earlier. Windows XP System Repair virus penetrates into the system with one goal of getting your money for its fake product.

If you have Windows XP System Repair in your PC you will get a list of messages and popup notifications about your machine being infected. Så, the virus shows you fake information about not existing errors of yours so you panic and start to search for an anti-spyware program to get rid of those errors and infected files. We assure you that Windows XP System Repair will not do any of good work to your PC. It will get your money for its comemrcial version and that is all. The program was created to do tricks with your system and get the money for it. You should eliminate Windows XP System Repair from the PC as soon as possible, because this virus will not let you work with your system until you purchase its full product.

We suggest you to use our anti-spyware program that is really reliable and can provide real good and useful work for you. You can upload GridinSoft Trojan Killer below. And afteer some time we recommend you to scan you system with this program just to be sure that your PC is clean from the viruses. Use only verified products, be safe in the web.

1. Download den nyeste version af GridinSoft Trojan Killer til at klare (ikke inficeret) computer og installere det..

2. Opdater virus databasen.
3. Kopier hele mappen "GridinSoft Trojan Killer" til din hoppe drev (memory stick). Normalt er det placeret på følgende sti: (C:\Programmet c:Programmer GridinSoft Trojan Killer). "C" står for systemdisken på din computer. Navnet på systemdisken, men, kan være markeret med et andet bogstav.
4. Åbn din hoppe drev (memory stick). Find mappen "GridinSoft Trojan Killer" der. Åbn det , Find filen under navnet "trojankiller.exe" og omdøbe den til "iexplore.exe".
5. Flyt memory stick til inficerede PC, åbne "GridinSoft Trojan Killer" mappen og køre iexplore.exe. Valgfri: Kopier mappen "GridinSoft Trojan Killer" fra din hoppe drev til en anden mappe, oprettet på din PC og køre "iexplore.exe".

The procedure of removal of Windows XP System Repair virus is shown in the video below:

Windows XP System Repair modifies your file system in such a way that all files and folders become hidden. In order to remove this “hidden” attribute users may download the application called Unhider from this site and run it. File and folder system should be restored back to normal mode. Please carefully watch the video guide below which will explain to you how to restore your files, folders, desktop, icons and programs in the Start menu.

Windows XP System Repair manual removal guide:

Delete Windows XP System Repair files:
%Desktop%\Windows XP System Repair.lnk
%Programs%\Windows XP System Repair
%Programs%\Windows XP System Repair\Windows XP System Repair.lnk
Delete Windows XP System Repair registry entries:

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