Windows problemer prop rogue fjernelse tutorial

Windows Problems Stopper er, hævet over enhver tvivl, not the application which a user wants to see. Quite opposite to this statement, in reality. Instead of being a great AV software (which it states to be), this is another type of hoax that enters your computer, forms new registry entries in order to boot and run within Windows and gets into your computer so deeply that you will detect it hard to identify all of its file traces. Why is it so? This roguware is not available on your Control Panel of the Start menu or pretty much anywhere else on your PC, except possibly the desktop icon it formed. Still believe your AV application could deal with it? Godt, what will you tell when you discover that it blocks running of your legitimate security software? Ja, this dangerous tool can easily do this. It also can block the Task Manager or other important system features. But even all these applications are not what it’s all about.

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