Internet Explorer sårbarhed. De oplysninger, du behøver at vide.

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We all know how dangerous the Internet can be at present time. There are a lot of malwares that can’;t wait to infect your system if you enter one or another suspicious link. And now hackers use vulnerability of Internet Explorer as the method of spreading their malicious items. Such computers are in a big danger, because it can allow remote code execution on an exploited computer. This would allow a malicious web site to have the ability to execute commands on the remote computer using the same privileges as the logged in users.

It means your system can have an open window to different rogues, viruses and ransomwares. Some of them just penetrate into your system through Internet Explorer and your antiviruses will just not notice anything. Because as we all know nowadays lots of viruses, real mean viruses are made very good. And they will not show themselves until it is the right time. Så, be very careful with the web, være opmærksom på de websteder og links du indtaster og til de programmer, du arbejder inde i nettet med.

Vi anbefaler dig at scanne dit system med GridinSoft Trojan Killer fra tid til anden at være helt sikker på, det er sikkert og rent af trusler.

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