Internet Crime Complaint Center virus. Værktøj til fjernelse af

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The warning that you see depicted below supposedly coming from the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the Department of Federal Bureau of Investigation is a serious ransomware virus infection. This is a brand new desktop (skærmen) locker that completely hijacks the infected PC with the scary notification, locks the system utterly and then asks for a ransom amount to be paid to unlock it. Forresten, the sum hackers want users to pay is quite a large one – 500 USD. They want deceived and trick people to donate this money in their favor through indication of special GreenDot MoneyPak voucher (PIN) codes in the respective section of the locking background. Og, eller kursus, the fake ICCC warning comes with quite a serious accusation with regard to users. Here is what the condemnation reads:

Internet Crime Complaint Center virus

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Department of Federal Bureau of Investigation
All activity of this computer is being recorded using audio, video and other devices.
Saved data will be used for identification.
Illegal activity report is sent to government agencies.
Threat of prosecution reminder
You have been violating Copyright and Related Rights Law (Video, Musik, Software) og ulovlig brug eller distribution af ophavsretligt beskyttet indhold, således tilsidesat artikel 1, Afsnit 8, Klausul 8, også kendt som ophavsretten af den kriminelle kode af Amerikas Forenede Stater. Artikel 1, Afsnit 8, Klausul 8 i straffeloven indeholder en bøde på to til fem hundrede minimal løn eller en frihedsstraf for to til otte år.
You have been viewing or distributing prohibited pornographic content (child porn, zoofilia, etc.) thus violating article 202 of the Criminal Code of the United States of America. Artikel 202 i straffeloven indeholder en frihedsstraf for fire til tolv år.
Pursuant to the amendment to the Criminal Code of the United States of America of May 28, 2011, denne lov overtrædelse (if it is not repeated first time) kan betragtes som betinget i tilfælde af at du betaler den bøde til staten.
Bøder kan kun udbetales inden for 72 timer efter overtrædelsen. Så snart 72 timer regnet, muligheden for at betale bøden udløber, and a criminal case is initiated.

You should be warned ahead of time of this infection. Don’t trust any statement that you see in the text of the ransomware locker. Ignore anything it tells you completely and seek for assistance to successfully get rid of this threat from your system immediately. We can offer such help to you. Simply follow the removal guidelines carefully as stipulated below. If you have any questions or difficulties deleting this scam please get in touch with us immediately via all available customer support channels at our site.

Ransomware frigøre procedure

Bemærk! Denne tutorial er effektiv for alle GreenDot MoneyPak, Ukash og Paysafecard ransomwares.

  1. Genstart computeren og tryk på F8 mens den genstarte.
  2. Vælg fejlsikret tilstand med netværk.
  3. safe mode with networking

  4. Tryk Start menu og vælg Køre, eller tryk på [Vinde]+RASMUSSEN på tastaturet.
  5. Run command

  6. Type msconfig
  7. msconfig

  8. Deaktiver startelementer rundll32 tænde enhver ansøgning fra Application Data.
  9. Genstart dit system igen.
  10. Scanne dit system med GridinSoft Trojan Killer til at identificere filen og slette den.

Nogle versioner af disse vira deaktiverer alle fejlsikrede tilstande, men giver et kort mellemrum, som du kan bruge til at køre anti-malware-programmer. Så gør følgende:

  1. Genstart normalt.
  2. Klik på Start og vælge Køre.
  3. Indtast den tekst, der er angivet i citatet nedenfor. Hvis malware indlæst, blot trykke Alt + Tab gang og holde ind strengen blindt tryk Angiv.

  5. Tryk Alt Tab og derefter RASMUSSEN (brev) et par gange. Processen med ransomware virus bør aflives, når du lykkes for at hente, Installer vores anbefalede software og scanne din PC med det.

Hent GridinSoft Trojan Killer for grundig system checkup

(Besøgte 365 gange, 1 besøg i dag)

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  1. Andy! Please help! Nothing seem to work to get rid of this horrible virus! I’;ve tried all your optione. I seem to only be able to boot normally and then have 15-30 sec before the virus takes over …;. behage hjælp mig!

    I am on Houston time. I hope to hear from you tomorrow morning (December 24) my time.

    Thank you so much in advance for your help 🙂

  2. Your solution doesn’;t work for my case. Regardless which type of the safe mode I started Windows XP, the screen is always locked up by this virus.

  3. This happened to me last night and was a nightmare. I was able to boot with safe mode, but when I tried to bring up the command prompt, the virus completely locked my computer down, it was then loading even in safe mode, and with or without an internet connection. My only solution was to press F8 upon start up, and restore my computer to an earlier time, which happened to be the day prior. It worked and it got rid of it, but then I had to reinstall firefox because it wouldn’;t let me clear history, as I wanted to clean my system as best as possible. I’;m a little worried it might be hibernating somewhere in my system.

  4. For those of you who’;ve got infected by the nastier version of this virus in which safe more or safe mode with networking doesn’;t work, one solution is to get a bootable windows dvd, boot your computer from that dvd, choose to repair your system, from there choose to do a restore to an earlier point.
    It worked for me.

  5. And for all those who have the latest variation of this virus DO NOT bother with spyhunter or any of the other crap as it won’;t work without an internet connection. Which the new version of the virus blocks completely.It also stops the use of “;system restore”; . Stupid me paid for the spyhunter malware finder …; it found the virus alright but doesn’;t remove it until it’;s activated…; again it won’;t do that because All internet access is blocked.

  6. I have tried the options listed here. This virus has hijacked my computer even in all safe modes. Brug for hjælp.

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