Hvordan at slippe af med SpyDefender 2010 rogue anti-spyware værktøj

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The team of GridinSoft Software Developers emphasizes the attention of PC users on the fact of introduction of a new rogue known as SpyDefender 2010 (it is also in certain cases named as Spy Defender 2010). Forresten, this is a rogue Russian anti-spyware program developed by the company called Russian Marketing Networks.

Spy Defender 2010
Spy Defender 2010

This new rogue will really annoy you as soon as it gets onto your system. Similar to many other malicious applications, SpyDefender 2010 was designed with only aim to get money from unaware PC users believing into trustworthiness of Spy Defender 2010. It has to be manually installed but may also come bundled with other malware. Through certain backdoors this rogue can be easily planted into your computer. Generally its penetration is accompanied with various Trojans brought into the system. Such Trojans have the tendency to amend the system registry and then add supplement your PC with additional undesired files on system directories. Dear PC users, we emphasize your attention to the fact that even though you might not even notice those amendments on the outside, you will for sure face the consequences caused by them. The rogue tool displays fake infections on your system and pretends to scan your PC and displays infections from its own list, bases.dat file which has more than 200 hundreds malware names. Thus SpyDefender 2010 gives its irritating popups with own fake system scanners and false positives about certain malware detected on the PC. Do not trust these false messages presented by Spy Defender 2010. In fact it cannot detect the infections it would state to have revealed. In the same way all the spyware interception information shown by SpyDefender 2010 is indeed fake. This is all done just in order to persuade you to purchase its commercial version. Spy Defender 2010 prompts users to pay a fee to register the program because unregistered version can’t remove the infections from your computer. Men, these promises to remove viruses are also fake. That’s why, the very first advice we give you is not to believe into any information given by SpyDefender 2010. Selvfølgelig, you shouldn’t buy it. It gives false sense of security and nothing more. Due to the fact that this rogue has no any antivirus engine, it cannot actually do what it claims. Make sure to remove SpyDefender 2010 from your system as soon as it begins its malicious activity on your system. After all, SpyDefender 2010 is definitely not a program you would like to have on your computer. If you find that your computer is infected with this virus please get rid of it as soon as possible. Please carefully follow the recommendations provided below on how to get rid of SpyDefender 2010 without letting it corrupt your operating system.

Vær opmærksom på, at GridinSoft LLC og www.trojan-Killer.com ikke er forbundet, tilknyttet, omgikkes, or connected with the publishers or creators of SpyDefender 2010. På samme måde bør denne artikel ikke være forkert behandlet eller forstået at være forbundet på nogen måde med fremme eller godkendelse af malware. Vores eneste hensigt er at give oplysninger, som ville give instruktioner til PC-brugere om, hvordan man opdage og helt fjerne malware fra deres computere ved hjælp af Gridinsoft Trojan Killer og/eller manuel fjernelse anvisninger fastlagt nedenfor. Således, denne artikel bør anvendes til undervisningsbrug og oplysende formål kun.

SpyDefender 2010 automatisk remover. Why don’;t you use GridinSoft Trojan Killer to permanently get rid of this infection?

    SpyDefender 2010 manuel fjernelse guide:

    Delete SpyDefender 2010 filer:

    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\SpyDefender.exe
    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\unins000.exe
    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\bases.dat
    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\regkey.dat
    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\unins000.dat
    %Program Files%\SpyDefender\regkey.dat
    %Documents and Settings%\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\SpyDefender\SpyDefender.lnk

    Delete SpyDefender 2010 poster i registreringsdatabasen:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “SpyDefender”

    Men, please be aware that manual removal of SpyDefender 2010 er en tidskrævende virksomhed. Desuden, det ikke altid sikrer fuld sletning af rogue skyldes, at visse filer kan være skjult eller endda kan gendannes automatisk bagefter. Derudover, Sådan en manuel indgriben kan beskadige PC. That’s why we strongly recommend automatic removal of SpyDefender 2010. Ved at vælge GridinSoft trojanske Killer til dette formål vil du kunne spare din tid og få det ønskede resultat.

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