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Websearch.oversearch.info is a new browser hijacker attacking computers as a result of user installing some other programs. The majority of such programs are free of charge, yet their installers are bundled with websearch.oversearch.info and many other useless applications. Sometimes the installers of these applications don’;t even mention installation of these additional programs, and this is why we do consider this hijacker not only as a potentially unwanted program, but rather as malware. Use the tips below that will help you remove it from your computer.


Websearch.oversearch.info is able to hijack any browser, Google Chrome ን ​​ጨምሮ, ሞዚላ ፋየርፎክስ እና ኢንተርኔት ኤክስፕሎረር, እንዴ በእርግጠኝነት. When this happens this domain becomes the default home or start page of your browser. እንደዚህ, whenever you open each new tab you see websearch.oversearch.info instead of a blank tab (or the one that was pesonalized by you). In addiotion, this site becomes the default search engine. The search is now redirected via websearch.oversearch.info hijacker, and this fact is truly very annoying.

You should immediately get rid of websearch.oversearch.info. The presence of it in your browser is not only annoying but also is dangerous. Your system might be infected later on even more seriously if you fail to get rid of this hijacker on a timely basis. እንደዚህ, please follow our recommendations to get rid of this scam as soon as possible.

Download websearch.oversearch.info removal tool:

Similar removal video at YouTube:

Searchgol.com redirect removal milestones:

  1. በእርስዎ ፒሲ ላይ የተቀመጠን ዌር ሁሉንም ዓይነት ለማስወገድ GridinSoft ትሮጃን ገዳይ ጋር የእርስዎን ፒሲ ይቃኙ.
  2. In Trojan Killer’;s open window click “;መሣሪያዎች; and select “;የአሳሽ ቅንብሮችን ዳግም ያስጀምሩ;.
  3. የአሳሽ ቅንብሮችን ዳግም ያስጀምሩ

  4. የትሮይ ገዳይ የአሳሽ ቅንብሮችን ዳግም ለማግኘት ፍቃድ ይስጡ:
  5. ዳግም አስጀምር አሳሽ

  6. የሚከተሉትን የማረጋገጫ መልዕክት ያገኛሉ:
  7. የአሳሽ ቅንብሮች ወደነበሩበት

  8. If you still have any problems with browser redirection via websearch.oversearch.info, ተጨማሪ እርዳታ ድጋፍ አገናኝ በኩል ከእኛ ጋር ለመገናኘት ለማግኘት እባክዎ.
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