Remove ‘;Hello new user’; pop-up virus

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በመጫን ላይ ...

The ‘;Hello, new user; pop-ups are currently noticed by many active Internet surfers. They see the load of these intrusive pop-up notifications and do not know what can be done to get rid of them. This guide will furnish you with adequate instructions that will help you to eliminate this virus and to fix other computer problems effectively.

'Hello New User' ብቅታ

Massive pop-ups titled as ‘;Hello, new user; are the result of some horrible adware program today. There are many adware samples these days, which may be brought into the system along with some other cost-free programs. This truly means that you need to be very, very careful not to allow any other concealed installations to take place in your system. And in case you read the information about some other additional programs you do not really need, go ahead and switch to the advanced (custom) installation mode to prevent any junk software from getting into your PC.

;Hello, new user’; pop-ups do not really display any other genuine information. ቢሆንም, you will be quite fed up to see such pop-up windows all the time. As soon as you close some specific pop-up windows, there will be another similar alert to appear.

Just as we’;ve mentioned above, ;Hello, new user; pop-ups are all caused by adware currently nested in your system. It is also true that your PC is poorly protected by your existing anti-virus tool, which, regretfully, permitted such adware to be installed into your system. We suggest that you instead scan your system with a proven anti-malware program developed by GridinSoft LLC and reset your browsers with its help. ደግሞ, it will help you to defend your system against other malware attacks.

;Hello, new user’; ሰር ማስወገጃ መሳሪያ:

;Hello, new user’; pop-up removal steps:

  • GridinSoft AntiMalware ያውርዱ እና የእርስዎን ፒሲ ቃኝ.
  • Click on “;ተግብር; ፍተሻው ከተጠናቀቀ በኋላ, የተገኙትን አደጋዎችን ለማስወገድ:
  • GridinSoft AntiMalware በ እርምጃዎችን ተግብር

  • ሁሉም የሚገኙ አሳሾች ዝጋ.
  • In GridinSoft AntiMalware click on “;መሣሪያዎች; and then on “;የአሳሽ ቅንብሮችን ዳግም ያስጀምሩ;:
  • አብሮ የተሰራ የአሳሽ ቅንብሮች ዳግም GridinSoft AntiMalware ውስጥ የመገልገያ

  • መመሪያዎችን ይከተሉ, በተመረጡ አሳሾች ዳግም አለብዎት, and click on “;ዳግም አስጀምር; ቁልፍ. በመጨረሻም, የእርስዎን ኮምፒውተር ሁሉ የተደረጉ ለውጦችን ለመተግበር ዳግም ያስጀምሩ:
  • አማራጮች GridinSoft AntiMalware ጋር አሳሾች ዳግም

እንዴት GridinSoft AntiMalware በመጠቀም አሳሽዎን ዳግም የሚያብራራ ቪዲዮ:

How to prevent your PC from being contaminated with ‘;Hello, new user’; pop-ups again in the future.

GridinSoft AntiMalware ወደፊት ጊዜ አዘል ዌር የተበከሉ እየተደረገ የእርስዎ ስርዓት ለመከላከል ለመርዳት የሚችል ጥሩ መፍትሔ ይሰጣል. This feature is referred to as “;Real-Time Protection”;. በነባሪነት, እርስዎ ሶፍትዌሩን መጫን አንዴ ያልተሰናከለ ነው. እሱን ለማንቃት, please click on “;ጠብቅ; button and press “;መጀመሪያ; ከታች አሳይተዋል እንደ:

GridinSoft AntiMalware በ ሪል-ታይም ጥበቃ ማንቃት

ይህ አማራጮች አዘል ፕሮግራሞች አፈጻጸም ለመከላከል እና ወደፊት ጊዜ የጭነት ለማስወገድ ይረዳናል. የተወሰኑ ዌር የእርስዎ ስርዓት ወደ እራሱን ለመጫን ሲሞክር, GridinSoft AntiMalware እና ሪል-ታይም ጥበቃ ሞዱል ጊዜ ወደፊት ይህን ጭነት ሙከራ ያቋርጣል. You may click on “;አረጋግጥ; አዝራር ይህ ተንኮል አዘል ፕሮግራም ማገድ ለመቀጠል, or to select “;ይህንን ፋይል ችላ በል; እና ተንኮል አዘል ትግበራ እንዲጫን ፍቀድላቸው (የራስዎን አደጋ ላይ):

GridinSoft AntiMalware በ ታግዷል አዘል ንጥል

(የተጎበኙ 484 ጊዜ, 1 ጉብኝቶች ዛሬ)

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