Computer locked by FBI. How to fix this problem

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It is never a pleasant thing to experience the moment when your computer has been locked by some strange police virus. This is exactly how users tend to name it, even though this scareware warning isn’t associated with the police at all. The same principle applies to Metropolitan Police virus already discussed by us in many previous articles. ሳይጠረጠር, this scam has primarily attacked the UK, even though users of other countries also suffered because of it. Today we will tell you about new ransomware threat of the year 2012. It bears the name of FBI virus, even though, as we said before, it isn’t associated with the US police (Department of Justice).

Computer locked by FBI

The very warning supposedly from FBI or Department of Justice tells that you were traced while watching and spreading a lot of illegal information over the world wide web through your computer. ለምሳሌ, you might be accused by hackers of download extremely explicit and defiled content and even violating copyright of certain copyright owners by illegally viewing and spreading their music, videos and other multimedia samples.

አሉ, በእውነቱ, many samples of this malicious program. All of them pursue the only goal so far – to make you waste your money for nothing. Here is now the scam actually works. አንደኛ, you see a strange warning supposedly coming from the police. Such warning fully covers your entire desktop by replacing all other items on it (icons, አቋራጮች, ፕሮግራሞች, ወዘተ). በነገራችን ላይ, when you try simply to reboot your PC this locked status will remain and you will still see this scary alert supposedly coming from the US police. Hackers developed this malicious utility specifically for the only purpose – to make you share some of your funds with them. በነገራችን ላይ, the amount varies a lot – from 100$ ወደ $200 or even more. This is the amount of supposed fine that the crooks want you to pay in their favor.

How do hackers want you to pay funds in their favor? ጉድጓድ, they use the GreenDot MoneyPak payment system specifically popular and spread in the US. They want you to indicate the special code in the respective field, and the code should cover the specific amount of fine proposed by hackers. ቢሆንም, doing so is a serious mistake. በነገራችን ላይ, sometimes malware developers prompt you to send these GreenDot MoneyPak codes to the specific fraudulent email named as But this address isn’t associated with FBI, so you should be very careful when you see it.

በመጨረሻም, we come to the logical conclusion about the need to remove this fake FBI virus and to unlock our computer from this scary warning. There is no other option but to remove it. ቢሆንም, some sites might not be really effective for this purpose. We recommend that you follow our special removal guides that have been specifically developed for various variants of this ransomware application. Please find them below. It is nevertheless also recommended that you thoroughly scan your PC with legitimate security software after the PC is unlocked. In this case we recommend you to try our solution – GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

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